Judge Wilson has presided over hundreds of jury trials since going to the bench in 2003.  After each trial, Judge Wilson sends a questionnaire to every juror asking about their experiences as a juror in order to learn how to improve trials.  The jurors' responses are almost universally positive.  Here are samples of the responses:

  • “Judge was very good, organized things, ran smoothly like a well-oiled machine.Made me not mind getting picked.”
  • “Judge Randy explained to us how the case was moving along.He also made us feel comfortable and my outlook on jury duty is more positive.”
  • “You were right, Your Honor!This was an unforgettable experience which I will always remember with satisfaction and a sense of completion.I decided to take in every aspect, detail and study the judicial process.I became totally fascinated and with a new and positive view of how well we can make things work when we follow the steps and the law with understanding, clarity and enthusiasm.Thank you, Judge Randy Wilson!”
  • “I appreciated that you moved the trial along effectively.Thank you.”
  • “The trial was a great experience.For my first time, I thought or expected something else but this was a great experience.”
  • “I enjoyed the process and learned a lot about the judicial system.”
  • “Many jurors commented on how clearly you explained our duties and the rule of law.You and your court changed my perspective of jury duty and certainly changed the way I view different situations in life.THANKS FOR MAKING THIS A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE.”
  • “Judge Wilson explained everything fully and made me feel at ease.Made my 1st experience as juror very memorable.It was a great experience, and very proud to be an American!!”
  • “The process from start to finish was efficient and painless.We were all treated respectfully and kept fully apprised of the different aspects of the day’s proceedings.”
  • “Congratulations to the judge for a well run and just court.”
  • “The trial was run very efficiently with great respect for jurors and their time.”
  • “Honorable Randy Wilson was right on target—I did learn and found the experience rewarding.”
  • “Very well run courtroom!You made it a pleasure to serve!”
  • “This was my 3rd time to serve as a juror.This trial was more efficiently and effectively conducted than the other 2.Thanks.”
  • “While at first I wasn’t happy about being chosen, I came to enjoy my time serving as a juror.”
  • “Best experience yet!  Keep up the good work, Judge Randy Wilson”
  • “It was a good experience and justice was served well.A fine example of our court system.”
  • “I am honored and feel privileged to have served as a juror in your court.Your instructions were clear and precise.The conduct of the trial was excellent.”
  • “Judge Randy Wilson, you did a very excellent job of staying focused and calm during the trial.Good job!”
  • “Judge Wilson was very professional.I would serve again for this judge’s court as a juror.”